Asked August 10, 2020, 2:28 PM EDT

I mulched around my Dogwood tree with newspaper then covered with A black fabric-like material then bark mulch to keep ornamental grass I removed from continuing to grow. My dogwood now looks like it’s in some distress because the leaves appear to be drooping. Is what I did damaging my tree or could it be something else and just coincidentally happening after my action?

New Castle County Delaware

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Good Morning! If you can submit pictures (or at least a description) of the symptoms your dogwood is exhibiting it'd be helpful to the discussion. You can email me directly (hopefully with pictures) at and we can take it from there.

I’m not sure if the photo went through. Please advise.

I replied on 3/13 with a photo I have not heard back. Did the photo not go through. Please let me know so I can try again. Thank you. Evelyn

Good Morning! The photo did not go through. Please email to and I will get back to you at the beginning of the week. Thanks!