Identify a potential weed

Asked August 10, 2020, 11:38 AM EDT

I was using the website here, but am unable to identify this potential weed and how to control it in our yard. We live in Savage MN. You can see from the pictures, i first noticed it growing in some rocks next to our house, but it has started to grow in the grass. Over the past 2-3 weeks has quickly become widespread.

Dakota County Minnesota

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You've got spotted spurge. It tends to infiltrate lawns that are a little sparse and kind of any place it can get a foothold. (the lawn at my new house has it and it loves to grow in cracks, etc.) Here's an article on it:

The long term solution for it, in your grass is to get your grass to grow thicker and happier. You could/should do a soil test via the U of M to see what kind of inputs will help: It'll tell you what kind of fertilizer you can use to get your grass to grow better. Then you could/should add grass seed and get the bare spots filled in. Here's an article on beefing up your lawn:

Now, you CAN treat the immediate problem of these weeds. I hand pull the ones that area growing in rocks or cracks--wear gloves. The sap of these irritates some folks skin. It's a little harder to pull the ones in grass. It depends how many you've got. If you want to treat your grass to kill them, there are recommendations for the active ingredient to look for in the first link I provided. you want to use it EXACTLY as listed on the label--you don't want to inadvertently harm plants that you like.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for such a fast response. I will read over the info in the links and be able to make the best decision. I really appreciate it.