Why won't my Annabelle Hydrangea flower

Asked August 10, 2020, 11:31 AM EDT

We had 3 Annabelle Hydrangeas planted 4 years ago and they don't seem to want to flower. Their green growth is great, but only get a few scraggly blooms on them, but very few (I am attaching pictures). They are irrigated, face south and are planted right in front of our home. Sun expose on two of the plants is pretty good as they are open to the west also. The third plant gets less sun as trees and the home block out some of the light.

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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There could be multiple reasons. The first is that maybe the plants have not entirely established and are still growing roots/vegetation in their new location and not putting energy into flower production. Since hydrangeas also can be drought sensitive, even with your regular irrigation, they may have been lacking in water during extremely hot parts of summer. One idea is to up the irrigation during those times. Another idea is that pruning may reinvigorate them. Have you tried to prune them back in the spring any of the past years?

This article from Cornell University may also be helpful when trying to figure out why they aren't flowering prolifically: http://ccetompkins.org/gardening/publications/hydrangea-q-a

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