Hi! This little guy has been out of his nest for the past 24+ hours. He...

Asked August 10, 2020, 8:57 AM EDT

Hi! This little guy has been out of his nest for the past 24+ hours. He doesn't seem to be feathered enough to be able to fly. His parents are definitely around and keeping an eye on him. I tried to put him in the crotch of a tree in a box with straw to keep him safe from my cats. He keeps making his way back to the ground. He's not moving around much at all. I guess my big question is, are his parents still feeding him? They are definitely engaged with him and his presence, but I was just wondering if he truly has a chance of survival. Thanks so much.

Portage County Ohio

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Its best chance is with his parents, so it's good that they are there and engaging with him. There is not much else you can do, if you've already attempted to relocate him to a safer place. If it keeps heading to the ground, that means it's time for it to leave the nest and begin learning how to fly. By the looks of it, it appears to be at that stage. It can take several days for a young robin to get better at flying. Its parents will stick with it and continue to give encouragement. They will also protect it as best they can. You might consider keeping your cats indoors for a few days, while it learns where safe placed are and how to fly. Life is risky for newly fledged birds (bird that have just left the nest) as their flight in underdeveloped and they are at their greatest risk to predators.

Thank you so much for the quick response and details. Do the parents still feed them when they are in a situation like this?

Yes, they do. They try their best to guide their young, but they definitely will still feed them.

YAY! I like that news!!! Thank you!