Bugs in windowsill, mattress and on me!

Asked August 9, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT

It’s been crazy hot here in the UK the last few days and I’ve woken up this morning to discover bugs!! They keep crawling on my skin and they’re all over the windowsill. I did a deep clean and don’t think they’re bed bugs as they just aren’t big enough. Does anyone have a clue what they could be? I suspect they’re coming inside as the heat is mid 30’s and our top floor is very hot and humid. They’re tiny but really bothering me. I have sprayed and deep cleaned the room including flipping the mattress and hoovering. I sincerely doubt they are bed bugs but might be nice to know what they are. From afar they look black as seen in two photographs but in actual fact they are almost grey on closer inspection and I think have six legs plus pincher/antenna.

Outside United States

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I can'y be sure what these bugs are from the pictures. If I understand you correctly, the bugs are not actually biting you, correct. I suspect these may be psocids. These insect live on fungus and mold, and the fact that they are coming from windows, and it has been very hot and humid may explain a potential abundance on psocids.

If you get a some better pictures of the bugs I may be able to help you a little better. I use an app ("Mag. light") on my phone that allows me a better magnification than I can get just with the phone camera.