Reed Canary Grass & Field Drainage Tile

Asked August 8, 2020, 6:28 PM EDT

Will the roots of reed canary grass grow deep enough to plug field drainage tile. I am only considering reed canary grass because in wet weather there are extended periods of time when this acreage is under water. This is the only grass I know of that will survive. Please advise.

Lenawee County Michigan

2 Responses

Many types of grass have the potential for roots to reach the tile lines in a field. Usually this happens more during dry weather when roots are reaching for moisture and find spots in the tile where water pools or stays wetter than other parts of the field.
There no guarantee that the roots will or will not reach the tile lines.

No kidding! Your answer is useless. I specifically asked about Reed Canary grass. I have grown many grasses. Never Reed Canary. I found the answer to my question on line anyway.

In the future answer the specific question.