Baking Soda

Asked August 8, 2020, 4:01 PM EDT

Goat Tips & Tricks Facebook Group (36k+ members) has an ongoing hot debate among their members as to whether or not baking soda should be left out free choice. It is the position of the admin team that it should not be left out free choice, but I am unable to find bona fide university level research to support that position. We have heard that it can contribute to the formation of uroliths, and that it interferes with proper utilization of loose minerals. Can you assist with a research link (s)?

St. Charles County Missouri

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Backing Soda is used in diets to help balance the pH in the rumen. If you are feeding enough grain to have acidosis concerns in your animals then you should consider adding it to the diet of your animals.

This is not something that has been researched or is expected to be researched in goats to my knowledge.