What is this tree?

Asked August 8, 2020, 1:59 PM EDT

There is a tree out in my pasture that I do not know what it is. I had thought from the leaves, maybe pecan, but now it has small black berries on it. The leaves are opposite, about 4 inches long and it had catkins (?) on it in the Spring.
Can you help identify it and tell me if it (or the berries) are toxic to horses?

Franklin County Pennsylvania

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The tree is a young wild black cherry. (Prunus sp.). All trees and shrubs in this family are poisonous to livestock including horses. The leaves and fruit contain cyanide-containing compounds. You definitely should remove this tree from your pasture. Here's a link for more information about common trees which are toxic to horses:


Thank you. Thank you so much! I've had it fenced off for a couple years now, to try to find out what it is.
We'll be digging it up this weekend! ~ Dee

I'm happy that I was able to id the tree for you. I am a horseperson myself and am always concerned about what's growing in the pasture!