hackberry tree dying

Asked August 8, 2020, 10:51 AM EDT

Hi, we got this little tree 2 years ago from city of boulder; it did ok until about a month ago, and now appears to be dying. we planted it adjacent to where our chemically treated ash tree (failed, chopped down) was. Thought it might be due to residual chemicals but a friend of ours in north boulder has had the same problem, but without chemicals. any idea what could cause this? thanks.

Boulder County Colorado

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Thank you for your question on your Hackberry tree.

I am assuming you treated your ash tree for EAB and if so the treatment shouldn't affect the new tree. If you treated with another chemical please consult the information on the treatment to see if cross contamination could occur.
I cannot determine if insect activity is causing an issue but this looks very similar to watering and temperature fluctuation problems we are seeing on various front range trees this year.

Winter watering when moisture is low is very important. As is consistent watering during our current high temperatures and drought conditions. We recommend checking that the tree is getting consistent and enough water. Mulch the base of the tree 2-3 inches to keep the soil cool and conserve water. Keep the mulch away from the trunk but over the root base of the tree.

You may wish to consult a certified arborist. I have included some additional information on growing trees in Colorado.
If you ave further questions, please contact us.

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