Lifespan of Blackberry Plants

Asked August 7, 2020, 6:47 AM EDT


I have read that blackberry plants have an expected lifespan. I have heard that the blackberries with Native American names such as Apache are expected to have shorter lifespans than other "North American" varieties. If primocanes emerge each year, wouldn't the blackberry patch live indefinitely? Are primocanes still dependent on the original root system? Any help you can provide is appreciated.


Clermont County Ohio

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I have included a pdf of our Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide. The information you have inquired about regarding canes and blackberries begins on page 44. As for the native names, I have not heard anything with their lifespan. I will suggest looking at the charts of varieties and planning the best variety for you.

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Thank you for the article Gigi. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate an answer to my question.

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