Large hardwood (oak?) dropped on my property by recent hurricane/tornado

Asked August 6, 2020, 7:35 PM EDT

I am the victim/beneficiary (depending on your POV) of two extremely large, healthy oak or Hickory trees (~120 ft) - with a 35 inch trunk diameter that fell onto my property. I would like to connect with a sawmill (preferably close to my zip -19977) and offer the lumber if they cut lengths, load and remove. I would hate to waste such beautiful lumber. Questions: 1) can you identify this tree for me? 2) Any thoughts about businesses or people interested in taking this magnificent timber off my hands? I uploaded a short video that helps one appreciate the amount of timber and perhaps seeing the bark and leaves can help in identifying the species of tree. Thank you, Cliff Rodman 302-650-7609 1729 Marcy Drive Smyrna, DE.

New Castle County Delaware

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I am sorry to hear about the loss of such a beautiful tree. I am glad no one was hurt during that crazy storm. This does look like a type of hickory, but I am not 100% sure. Here is a leaf key to help with ID:

There are a few mills in the area and here is a directory for them:

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