Squirrels making a huge sticky mess eating pinecones

Asked August 6, 2020, 2:26 PM EDT

So every day there is a huge area of pine cone debris eaten off of the actual cones in my driveway. There are also the cob like remains of the the consumed cone by the half dozen or so. I don't mind squirrels in the area but this sticky residue from their feasting is all over.

They must go up very high in this adjoining tree. Question, any deterrent I can put down in the area, or on tree itself to move them elsewhere? Or even feed them something more appealing, like those corn ears in markets sold for squirrel good?

Oswego County New York

1 Response

I don't know of anything you can do to treat the tree to resist squirrels. However, you did mention developing a "food plot" of alternative foods. I don't think I have as severe a mess as you, but I have red squirrels dropping pine cones from a very large Norway spruce. I do think they eat fewer of them when I make sure my squirrel feeder dish (a small iron bowl) is full of peanuts. Also, my mess certainly is seasonal.

Good luck!