Squash issues continue

Asked August 5, 2020, 9:02 PM EDT

I have been removing squash bugs (I think) and cucumber bugs from my squash plants, but I guess they destroyed some of my squash anyway. The leaves and stems started dying and when I pulled them I found little worms inside the stems. I had a not fully ripe spaghetti squash that I had to remove since it wasn’t going to get fed from the vine anymore. Hoping I can eat it anyway. Any suggestions are appreciated. This was entirely too much work for 2 squash. At least this left the other plants more room so hopefully I can keep them healthy. How do I save the other plants from the same problem. Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi - We are sorry to see your squash go down. You are dealing with all of the most common problems of growing summer squash in our area: squash bugs, cucumber beetles, and squash vine borers (the latter being the larvae you found inside the squash stem).

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On our website, we have strategies for preventing these problems next year.



Although it is too late to start new squash plants this season, there is still time to plant other crops for the fall. Here is a link to the planting calendar and tips for fall planting.