Ivy as Groundcover

Asked August 5, 2020, 5:26 PM EDT

I have a very sloping yard , covered with Ivy, that I'd like to remove to be able to see what the real slope looks like, in preparation for planting perennials. How do I remove the ivy and are there any related risks in doing so?


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Ivy removal on a slope includes consideration for erosion and drainage before removing plants. You can get the ivy cut back severely, though, so that you can see what you are facing and make plans accordingly. If it is a large property with retaining walls and utilities in the area, then location services and possible engineering for the project might be important.
Removing the ivy isn't easy, nor is it a one-year project in most cases. Here are OSU Extension articles about ivy removal. They repeat some information, but are a fine starting point for you.
After study, please check back here or with your local County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers for any follow-up questions.