Horse pasture

Asked August 5, 2020, 11:21 AM EDT

We have about two acres of pasture in Marion county. It is full of Queen Anne’s lace, Wild buttercup and shiny geranium. I am thinking of spraying the land and starting over. Can you tell me how to do this? We would like to eradicate all of the invasive species and plant grasses that should be in a pasture. Thank you, Lynn

Marion County Oregon

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Hello Lynn.
The weeds have been terrible this year. People have weeds in pastures this year that have not had them before. I have a couple of questions so I can better help you. When you are mentioning spraying and starting over...are you meaning to completely spray out everything, weeds and grass both? Do you have somewhere to put horses while this is occurring? Most herbicides require horses to be off of the pasture for 10-14 days.
I am happy to help. You can respond to this form or you can email me directly at the email below. I have several resources I can send you once I have an idea of your thoughts.
Have a great weekend,

Yes, we have a place to put the horses. The pasture is overrun with these weeds so I am thinking that cleaning the entire area and reseeding. Open to your opinion!

Hello. I am sending this response to 'close out' the ask-an-expert thread. I will be emailing you today or tomorrow with some suggestions on the pasture.