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Asked August 4, 2020, 10:08 PM EDT

Our home is located in West Friendship, Maryland. In the back of our home we had Ash Trees that were destroyed by insects. In the front of our home we have maple trees that line the driveway. I believe that one of the maple trees might be infected by insects as it has been very slow to bloom any leaves this year and the wood on the trunk appears to be in bad shape. I am attaching to this request (2) pics of the 'bad' maple tree. I would like to start spraying the maple trees to try and prevent them from getting infected. My questions are.... 1. So far I have Bonide Sytemic Insect Control and Bonide Captain Jack Deadbug. Are there other products that I should consider to help protect the trees? 2. The items I have so far are concentrates that I mix in my sprayer and spray. Do you know if it is best to apply the spray up and down the trunk of the maple trees and maybe a foot around the trees on the ground? Any other spraying that I should be doing? 3. Any recommendations on how often to spray the trees? 4. Should I be checking the trees for thins other than insect destruction? And if so what should I be checking? Thanks, Al

Howard County Maryland

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The tree may be in decline due to several reasons.
When trees are stressed due to abiotic problems like poor planting techniques, planting too deeply, drought, poor drainage, girdling roots, etc. they can be susceptible to insect and disease issues. Here is more about these types of problems

We see some lichen/moss (left photo) on the trunk but that is not a reason for decline.
There may be trunk damage, possible root issues, borer damage in the trunk, possible girdling roots, diseases, etc. Any borer damage is secondary and is not the reason for decline. They come in when the tree is stressed.

No treatments or sprays are recommended unless you know what you are spraying for. We recommend that you contact a certified arborist for an onsite diagnosis regarding the health and structural integrity of the tree and the best way to proceed.

Here is our page on when to decide to remove a tree