Ant infestation

Asked August 4, 2020, 7:19 PM EDT

What impact do ants have on wildflower growth. I hss as be a hand sown wildflower garden on a south facing hill that is doing quite well with the exception of about a 2 foot swath under an oak tree that is saturated with black ants. Every time I try to replant anything to fill in, I am covered with ants and they bite. I have also found some galardia that appear to be dying off, but have ants on their leaves. Is this coincidence and are the ant colonies just more apparent because there is no growth or are the ants prohibiting the plant growth? How do I get rid of the ants

Crow Wing County Minnesota

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Ants on the leaves rarely harm plants, they are usually attracted to something called honeydew and it is caused by aphids. Ants can affect plant growth by making the soil too loose and the roots can’t get enough moisture because it is like growing in sand.

Ants are difficult to remove please see the fact sheet for help controlling ants.