Any guesses on what animal is eating this

Asked August 4, 2020, 5:47 PM EDT

We have lots of fencing, fake owls, scarecrows and many other barriers but something just eat my cucumbers and some egg plants. Any idea's what? And what might be a deterrent? How do we keep them out of the garden, this year they have been much more determined to get in.

Oakland County Michigan

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This looks like a woodchuck to me based on how it is getting eaten. The most effective deterrent against woodchucks is blocking them from the garden. If your garden is not fenced in, that may take a bit of work-no doubt, so focus on putting some wire fencing around the plants that you are most worried about, like your cucumbers or eggplant. Spray-on and hanging sack smelly deterrents (like sprays with cayenne and putrid egg solids, etc) sometimes help a bit, but should be used regularly, and ideally in combination with blocking. And keeping up with the harvesting can get those veggies out before they get attacked. Good luck!