Birdhouse with Bees - Maybe Bumble Bees

Asked August 4, 2020, 12:52 PM EDT

Hi --

We have a birdhouse with bees -- not sure which kind -- looks like bumble bees? Looks like honey is possible dripping out of birdhouse but I don't want to get close. Can I safely put a covering over it and relocate this box in the woods or somewhere else? I don't want to use chemicals -- I just want it to be removed. If so, what kind of covering?

I can't get a pic because too many flying in and out and in shaded area (birdhouse is attached to wooden support pole on patio). Please advise. Thanks.


2 Responses

Please send a photo of the bees so that I can identify them for you. I will then be able to properly advise you how to proceed.

You might try following some of the bees and take a photo when they land on something. I am unable to advise you until I have identified the species of "bee." If you try to move the birdhouse with the nesting "bees" and they are an aggressive species, they will attack you as they defend their nest. If you spray the birdhouse with a toxic wasp and hornet spray, you will make your birdhouse poisonous for birds.

If possible, wait until the bees die this fall after a killing frost, and then you may safely move the birdhouse.