Cicada killer deterrent

Asked August 3, 2020, 9:48 PM EDT

Is there a non-toxic method to deter or prevent cicada killer wasps?

New Castle County Delaware

2 Responses

Cicada killer females prefer to dig holes in areas that receive direct sunlight or lots of light and warmth. They also prefer well drained soils. She also likes areas that are sparsely vegetated.

Cultural practices that limit those conditions are your best non-toxic methods to deter cicada killers from using your lawn. Weed management or reseeding a lawn to thicken the turf is one option. Planting trees that shade the area used by the wasp is another. Some people have had some success watering the area (keeping it wet/moist) the female uses. The female wasp likes her hole to be warm and dry to promote the development of her offspring. She may dig her hole under driveways or sidewalks to help with the warmth. Additionally, there will be little water seeping through a paved driveway or a sidewalk. I suspect females like dry conditions to limit the possibility of fungal pathogens germinating that may attack the immature wasps.

Thank you very much!