What are the little black things that can fly in my room

Asked August 2, 2020, 9:04 PM EDT

They look like little beetles and can fly . I am from Scotland

Outside United States

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These are beetles, and form their accent , they sound like Scottish beetles!

If you are seeing them indoors, these could be one of the stored product beetles. It is hard to tell without having a good comparison to know approximately how big these beetles are.

You may be able to locate the source of the beetles, if they are storage pests, by checking containers with stored grains, flours, cereals and other fry food stuff. Sometimes these beetles occur in spilled grains or dry pet food too, especially if that food was collected and stored by rodents and other animals and abandoned.

A local pest control company may be able to help you with the control, although sometimes, removing the infested material is all that is needed to prevent reoccurrence of stored product pests.