Dead Patches appearing over the lawn

Asked August 2, 2020, 1:44 PM EDT

After 44 years of having a nice green lawn, I am getting thin and dead circular patches in many places. We have always had a lawn service fertilize our lawn and put down a spring weed killer, with good results. Until this year, They have no answer for me. We do have an underground automatic sprinkler system. We do usually turn it off if we get substantial rain during the week. Otherwise it goes off in the yard every other day for about 40 minutes. Could it be from overwatering? What can I do at this stage? We also have our lawn aerated every year and also over seeded.

Dakota County Minnesota

1 Response

The symptoms shown in your photos are likely a patch disease caused by fungus. Hot, humid weather can exacerbate. Manage my practices include healthy lawn practices and appropriate soil nutrients to support growth. Below is a link with greater information.