Asked August 2, 2020, 1:31 PM EDT

330 RHUBARB PLANTS start the season out looking good then as soon as it is time for major growth the leaves suddenly are full of holes. They turn yellow then fall down in death. Three seasons of no rhubarb surviving to full stocks. Because of trying to maintain the organic soil I used only Neem oil sprays, no difference.
1. Do I keep hoping the plants will overcome whatever this is? There is one plant that stands in the middle of the rows that is doing great all the time.
2. If I dig up the roots is it ok to dry and sell the dried roots?


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Thank you for your question. We are unable to suggest control methods without first identifying the problem. For that, we need photos, preferably before the damage is too severe to see the start of the problem. In the event your plants are carrying some disease or insect infestation, I would suggest you not sell the rootstock for fear of spreading it/them. Here are the 16 pests of rhubarb identified in the Northwest: https://pnwhandbooks.org/search/site Some are more common in some regions than others, so knowing your county would also be helpful. Thank you!