BirchTree is Dying

Asked August 2, 2020, 2:18 AM EDT

We have a birch tree in our yard that looks like it is dying. In the spring I cut several dead branches out of the tree including one larger branch. I noticed another large branch looking like it was dead about a month ago. After the recent warm weather all of the leaves are turning brown and many have fallen off. I did a little research and it looks like it has a bronze borer beetle infestation (see pictures). Is it too late or is it possible the tree could survive. If survival is possible, what can I do to give it the best chances? Thank you, Alan

Marion County Oregon

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Assessing the need to remove a tree isn't something we can reliably do on this online forum. If you hire an arborist to make a site visit you'll get professional advice. This is our recommendation for a tree posing potential danger or if it is a high value plant in your landscape.
OSU extension publication "Homeowner Guide to Managing Bronze Birch Borer in the Upper Klamath Basin" discusses the different stages of damage and treatment options.