Luffa flowers

Asked August 1, 2020, 10:43 AM EDT

My luffa plant has clusters of buds. Which flower in this cluster is the male flower I am to pollinate with? Or are they all the same? I also have a couple flowers the appear on their own stem with no cluster. Ive read many articles on internet and have conflicting information. Can you tell me which is the male flower I am to remove and use to polinate the female? If the single flower is female, I don't want to remove it to pollinate the cluster based flower. Plz CLEARLY identify the male and female flowers on the luffa plant for me. Thanks. Out of 14 plants I only have 2 luffa fruit forming. ...

Jefferson County Kentucky

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I've included a picture of a female flower. You'll see there is a mini-luffa subtending the base of the flower. It's the ovary of the female flower that will become the luffa gourd.

The male flowers seem to be in a cluster with one female flower among or fairly close to them. Bees will do the pollinating -- don't use insecticides.

Here's more info from NC State:

Hope this helps.