Blueberry bush with one large trunk

Asked July 31, 2020, 5:57 PM EDT

I have several blueberry bushes and I largely ignored pruning them for several years. The time finally arrived and I pruned several of them last year. All but one had numerous canes of varying ages. However, one plant has a single large "trunk", bigger than my wrist. A foot or so up it splits into several branches. I pruned off a large, problematic branch last year and was rewarded with new growth in the vicinity of the cut, but not new canes coming up from the ground. How would I go about pruning this...tree?

1 Response

Since you are not getting new growth from the crown you need to work with what you have. Remove some of the older stems or cut them back to new growth. You could also cut the plant down to the ground and force new shoots from the root system but that seem extreme give how old it looks. If you open the bush up and let light into the middle of the bush you should see new shoot forming. Later you can cut back to those shoots.