How to remove blackberry bushes?

Asked July 31, 2020, 2:34 PM EDT

Hello. I rent property for my horses, and the property has extensive blackberry bushes growing among some trees. There is probably about 1 acre covered in brambles. There is no hose nearby or other water source. I have been researching how to remove/reduce the bushes, and have come across conflicting information about how to address the issue. What type of chemical should I use to treat the bushes? Should I use goats, or manually cut back the bushes? Thank you.

Benton County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out. Here are two articles that will help inform your decision. With good timing and dedication, property owners can reduce a sprawling blackberry thicket to a few manageable stragglers - although it will take a plan as there is no 'one and done' method.

Methods to Control Blackberry Thickets

Controlling Himalayan Blackberry in the Northwest