Mushrooms & Compost

Asked July 31, 2020, 2:23 PM EDT

I was wondering what variety of mushrooms are growing in my lawn? What may be causing the problem? And after removing them are they safe to add them to my compost? Also do you know any good online sources to learn more about mushrooms found in Maryland?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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In lawns, such large mushrooms are likely from wood-decay fungi growing underground on dead or dying tree roots. Is there a tree nearby ("nearby" being within about fifty feet or so) or was a tree removed in the past five or so years? They are harmless to the lawn and probably perfectly safe to add to compost if picked. (Do not consume any, of course.) Removing the mushrooms is like picking flowers or fruit though...the plant (in this case the body of the fungus) remains, and continues to grow normally. This is not problematic, but rather an explanation of why you may continue to see them appear after removal.

Information can be found in various places depending on how in-depth you wish to go with exploring the area's wide array of fungi.


Yes there is a living oak tree near by as well as other trees seen in the below picture.

The mushroom are probably growing on one or more of these tree roots, then. If the tree(s) appears to be in good condition, then there is probably no need for concern.