Mophead hydrangeas never flower

Asked July 31, 2020, 9:55 AM EDT

Hello, Any ideas why my Mop head hydrangeas never flower or get only one or two flowers each year?
I have 3 very large, healthy looking ones, that I have never cut back, and each year they get maybe 3 blooms. The light should be fine, they are in part sun, part shade and all the other plants around them bloom just fine. I am about ready to dig them up and put something else in those spots so I have some color but it seems like such a shame because they are quite large and healthy looking.

Oakland County Michigan

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Those do look very healthy! This is a very common question asked about hydrangeas. Before you take them out, I encourage you to try pruning. I think you may be surprised and pleased. Here is an article that talks about other specifics you may notice in your environment.