Wanted Street Trees of Moderate to Small Height

Asked July 30, 2020, 7:47 PM EDT

I manage a manufactured home community in Woodburn. Approximately 25 years ago, the owners planted a Sunset maple hybrid on each lot. Some lots had more than one. This hybrid was to be a smaller version of a Sunset maple. The problem has turned out to be the roots. Oh the roots! So much damage! The owners and I decided to take every single tree out and replace it with a friendlier trees. So each summer for several years now, about 17-20 trees (originally there were approximately 140 Sunsets maples) are removed by a tree service. Then we have a landscape construction company repair drain pipes, sidewalks and driveways. Some Crape Myrtles have been planted as replacements. We will plant more of these, but we know we want a mix of trees and not all the same as was done with the Sunsets. Initially six Chanticleer pear trees were planted, but we realized our mistake and won't add anymore. I've looked at Oregon cities' street tree lists. I'm considering American hophornbeam, Beacon Oak, Emerald Sunshine elm and Hasse Southern magnolia. What do you think? Are there other trees you would suggest? The soil is clay. Not everyone will water. Initially we will have someone who waters the trees on a regular basis to get them established.

Marion County Oregon

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I think the best source of information for your request is Kristin Ramstad at the Oregon Department of Forestry. She oversees the Urban Forestry Program. Her contact information is below.

Kristin Ramstad, Manager

Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program

503-945-7390 (desk)

kristin.ramstad@oregon.gov (preferred)

U&CF Program Website