Herbicide residual in vegetable garden soil

Asked July 30, 2020, 6:02 PM EDT

I recently purchased a house that had a couple of horses on it. I cleaned it up and planted a garden, it came up nicely but when hot weather hit, the tomatoes new growth became twisted and the older leaves curled, some zuccini leaves cupped and beans did poorly. I believe that they had hay that had herbicide and most likely Dicamba. Most of the plants have continued to grow, but I need to know if it is dafeto eat, kale leaves, zuccini, etc. Thanks! Gary ps.... I am fron Corvallis originally!

Missoula County Montana

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With respect to home gardens, the short answer is, do not eat produce from plants that have been affected. Mostly because it is impractical to have the produce tested to see if they are under the Maximum Residue Level established by FDA.

There are residue limits established, but without running an analysis, it would be impossible to know if the vegetables in question are below the tolerance. It is entirely possibly that these plants may show injury symptoms, and not have meaningful quantities of the chemical show up in analysis. The problem is, if the concentration amount is not known then eating the produce cannot be recommend