Are there any programs or grants available to help assist with building a pond?

Asked July 29, 2020, 5:45 PM EDT

I have 80 acres of woods in Cheboygan County, MI. I recently had it partially logged. After the cedars were logged, we discovered a very large wetland. This wetland sits in a natural bowl area, and it would be a perfect spot to make a small pond. I am wondering if there are any programs or grants available to help cover the expense of building a small pond. Can you please help?

Cheboygan County Michigan

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Hello and thank you for using Michigan State University Extension for your ask an expert eXtension pond question. I suspect that your large wetland is a swamp and most likely greater than 5 acres. Specifically a cedar swamp since you logged cedars. Any wetland that is 5 acres or more in size or is connected in any way to any other body of water, streams or rivers, must have an EGLE permit,,9429,7-135-3313_71520---,00.html, and a plan before anything can be done. Contact someone at your local EGLE regional office for assistance.
Grants may or may not be available at this time due to COVID-19. I would inquire with your county Conservation District and USDA office since silviculture is considered a farming practice. also check with MDARD at,4610,7-125-1599_28740-286087--,00.html
Good luck!