Oak Tree Issue

Asked July 29, 2020, 2:27 PM EDT

We have a 15 inch diameter oak tree with black streak (oozing) down side. Tree next to it split a year or so ago and need to have it removed as now leaves are turning brown and it's dieing. Is this tree going to die as well? (will remove both now if so) What caused it if known? Thanks

St. Joseph County Michigan

1 Response

The tree looks to have a split in the bark (frost crack). The black area around the crack appears to be slime flux. This condition results from a wound somewhere on the bark of the tree that may be caused by an insect, bark splitting, etc. The wound allows entry by some form of bacteria which causes the sap in the vascular system to ferment and bubble out of the wound. Typically, it flows down the trunk for some distance and will often encourage the formation of a harmless, but unattractive, black 'sooty mold'. This is harmless and no control is necessary. See attached article for more info on slime flux.