Using an aerobically fermented brine in a anaerobically fermented food process.

Asked July 29, 2020, 1:49 PM EDT

I made an aerobically fermented Pineapple drink called Tepache. I used 2 oz of Tepache ( average ph around 3.4) as a brine to ferment a Pineapple/Tomato Salsa, of 32oz which is fermented anaerobically...have I caused an epic clash of fermenting agents? It’s had an anaerobic ferment of 24 hours at room temp. It is bubbling. I’m questioning the food safety of doing this. Thank you

Clark County Nevada

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We do our best to stick with providing guidance on preservation recipes and formulations that have been tested and validated in a laboratory to demonstrate safety. We cannot recommend a process that has not been validated. For your description, we don't really have any resources or experience to point you to. I am not certain of the pH of the product that you started with and I have no way to know how that progressed during the fermentation, so I am uncertain about the safety of your product.

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