Lawn fungus issue

Asked July 29, 2020, 12:27 PM EDT

I have a number of spots that have the white fungus growing in my lawn. Most of the areas are under a huge white oak in the lawn. Have never had them before. The fungus looks like it is growing around the blades of grass. I know It's been wet this summer. That probably makes the problem worse. If you dig them up, it looks a little like a mushroom more than a ground fungus. Is there something I should be putting on the spots or on the lawn what will put a stop to this before it grows and grows. Thank You for your help I sent 3 photos. Hope they successfully arrived.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

As a Master Gardener, I do not have the necessary background nor expertise to identify the myriad forms of Minnesota fungi. However here are some considerations:

1). The growing of fungi normally indicates that below the surface is wood in various states of decomposition. Since the fungi you are seeing are largely under an oak tree, perhaps there is some decaying root material.

2). These fungi will do no harm. They most likely will disappear on their own within a short period of time.

3). In the meantime, though not really necessary, just rake them up and discard appropriately.

The following may or may not assist you:

Good Luck!!