Controlling ants

Asked July 28, 2020, 9:19 PM EDT

We have a runway for model airplanes that is overrun with ants. We applied Perm-up that has had no effect. The runway is made of a coarse soil type in the Hurlock, Md. area and the ants are making hills that wreck the airplanes. I do not know if we should have added an adjuvant of some sort to the chemical or maybe our application timing is not right. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks Bryan .

Dorchester County Maryland

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We recommend that you try outdoor ant bait stations. They may contain different active ingredients. Look for outdoor baits that contain the active ingredients fipronil, a boric acid and sweetener, or another type. Ants diets can change and you will have to see which one they prefer. Make sure you have enough traps to control the ants. Place several bait stations near the runways or where you are having an issue.

In general, ants in your lawn or garden are not a problem. The outdoors ants act as beneficial predators of grubs and other insect pests.

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