blight problem? in the veggie garden

Asked July 28, 2020, 3:54 PM EDT

We have had blight problems with tomatoes before. We have NOT had a problem with green beans before. They are in a garden with cucumbers, zucchini and sweet corn. None of those plants appear to have any issues. Any suggestions?

Itasca County Minnesota

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It's a little unclear which plant you are having issues with. Is it the tomatoes?

Yes....the tomato plants AND the green beans.
If it is some kind of blight, how do we get rid of it?
Do we need to not plant in the garden next year after we treat the soil with something.
We have have issues with tomato plants for years, despite moving them to different locations within the garden.
We have one large fenced garden, not raised beds.

Blight in tomatoes is usually caused by fungi that living in the soil. If this has been a problem despite growing in different parts of the garden, that indicates that it's pretty widespread. Mulching heavily around the plants helps a lot, this prevents soil (with the fungi) from splashing up on to the plants during watering or rain events. You can also plant resistant varieties of tomatoes. If you click on the following link and click on the diseases tab, there is some guidance on what to look for when purchasing plants:

Beans can also be prone to some blights, it can be hard to say without knowing exactly what you are seeing, but the advice is pretty similar: mulch mulch mulch. Here is a link to growing beans at home, it should take you right to the diseases tab:

Applying products for fungi isn't really advisable. Our soil is full of fungi and most of it is either benign or beneficial to our plants. The solution is really to keep the fungi off the plants, hence the importance of mulching.

Thank you for your info!
I will check out the resources you provide.