typical issues of red maple trees?

Asked July 28, 2020, 12:02 PM EDT

I have a red maple tree that has bare branches and very sparce leaves. What types of disease or issues do I need to watch and prepare for? Is there a spraying schedule I should be following?

Umatilla County Oregon

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The tip dieback might be freeze injury or (if this was western Oregon), I might suspect Bacterial Canker (Pseudomonas syringae). Can you get back to me and tell me how long this has been planted? Was it grown in a container or was it a balled and burlapped plant? The difference is that B&B plants often have a period of adjustment after planting, for a year or two, before they start growing vigorously as the plant is replacing roots lost in the process of digging and burlapping. It does no appear to have a lot of new growth. It does look like it is getting.enough water, to judge by the green lawn. Have you fertilized the plant? Do you know your soil pH? It does not look like a foliar disease or insect pest issue to me and I would not suggest any sprays. Red Maple is primarily affected by the fungal disease Anthracnose in western Oregon but I think in Umatilla County this would not be an issue because of your drier climate.

This red maple was purchased in a large pot, and planted spring of 2019. The PH is extremely alkaline as we have very sandy/loam soil. I fertilized with fish tank water, after water changes as well as an iron-sulphur fertilizer in early spring.. Perhaps I haven't fertilized enough? The tree grew a bit initially, but lost a lot of leaves at the top parts of branches-almost like it is dying back from the tips, inward.

I would suggest using a garden fertilizer at this point. It might be a good idea to have your soil pH accurately measured. The alkalinity may be impeding uptake of some nutrients, contributing to the lack of vigor.