Tiny crawling bugs

Asked July 28, 2020, 3:47 AM EDT

I've identified tiny brownish bugs that crawl (haven't seen one fly) near my sliding glass door and around my dogs food bowl. What is this?

Los Angeles County California

2 Responses

This is a small adult beetle, perhaps in the beetle family Dermestidae though I cannot be sure from these photos. These beetles can fly, though are generally reluctant to do so. If they are outside your home, then you have no problems as they can be quite common. Might check your dog food storage container to see if they are being produced in that container. If they are inside your home, then you have to determine if they are entering from outside of if you are producing them inside perhaps in stored food that you have in the house. Look through stored grains, cereals including in boxes that you think are sealed. If you find any insects within your stored food, throw it out. If they are coming from outside the home, keep doors and windows closed where you note that these beetles are entering and this should reduce access into your home.

Thank you for your timely response. Ill be sure to look through the pantry for the culprit.