What is this plant?

Asked July 27, 2020, 11:32 AM EDT

I sowed some assorted annual flower seeds in a large outdoor planter box I built this summer. While a number of plants are growing, one unknown plant has become huge---and I think it is not something I planted. I have attached a photograph and would appreciate it if you could tell me what this is. Thank you -- RBK, Baltimore, Maryland


2 Responses

Hi - This looks like amaranth or celosia (the latter of which is in the amaranth family). Both are annual plants that tend to bloom from mid-summer up until the first frost in the fall. When you see the flowers open, send us a photo again and we will be able to identify the plant by the flowers.

Alternatively, if you still have the seed packet or know the source of the seeds, you could look up the contents of the mix and see if it included amaranth or celosia.


I will definitely take a photo when it blooms and send it along. Thank you Christa -- RBK