Dying Honeycrisp

Asked July 27, 2020, 10:28 AM EDT

My 25yr old Honeycrisp looks just awful. The east side has lost all the leaves or never got any and the West side the leaves are all yellow. The apples appear to be fine and are growingWe water regularly and we sprayed Sevin on June 16th. We need to know what is happening, as we don't want our other 3 trees affected. Thank you

Big Stone County Minnesota

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I'm afraid your photos don't show enough to make any certain diagnosis.

I don't see any signs of fireblight, a serious disease on apples. So that is good. But dead branches in the canopy usually mean the tree is in trouble. I don't know when the rocks in the background were put in, or the pile of dirt that I see, but construction and heavy equipment around a tree can cause problems. I also see some serious winter injury on the trunk, which can provide a pathway for pathogens.

I suggest you look at these websites:

And contact a certified arborist for an on-site evaluation: