Ok to eat

Asked July 25, 2020, 7:27 PM EDT

Can you eat the vegetable when its getting to look like this and what is wrong with the chile?

Grant County New Mexico

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This could be Phytophthora (pod rot), sun scald, or Blossom End Rot. Phytophthora occurs during rainy conditions, where the pod becomes water soaked. Sun scald can happen under dry conditions where the fruit is exposed to constant direct sun. Blossom end rot can occur as a result of inconsistent watering and calcium deficiency. There is no mention in the literature about the vegetable not being edible, however the affected areas should be trimmed off prior to consumption. Check for any internal spread of the diseases to avoid consuming affected areas. For more information about chili pepper diseases check out: Chili Pepper Diseases, Circular 549, by Natalie P. Goldberg, published by the New Mexico State University Extension at