Boxwood Blight?

Asked July 25, 2020, 5:55 PM EDT

I thought all our boxwoods had leaf miners, but I'm afraid I found a new disease today. These boxwoods were purchased from a different place from all the rest. Can you identify the problem from the photos attached? Thank you, as always, for your expert help!

Oakland County Michigan

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This looks like boxwood leafminer insects. Carefully peel the top layer back from the bottom layer of a leaf and look for tiny larvae inside. Some of your pictures show that insects have already left that leaf-, you will see small openings or missing parts of leaves. It is a common pest found all,over Michigan.

Here is an article with description, pictures, and control options. The article also lists which varieties of boxwood are more resistant to this pest.

I am including a boxwood blight article to keep on hand so you can monitor your plants. Note the pictures of the leaves as well as stems: