Juvenal Yellow Belly Sap Sucker?

Asked July 25, 2020, 5:27 PM EDT

No color on this bird.

Livingston County Michigan

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Hi, I'm not sure from the photo. The bill is quite large. Did you see parent sapsuckers around?

No. Appears to be flying solo. We have Flickers around, but they stay away from the feeders and feed later in the day. I’ll see if I can get closer image.

Here’s a few more pics. As close as it will let me get. We did see a sap sucker with it one time.

Ok, thank you. The flickers should seem quite a bit bigger than this bird. It's still hard to tell but if you can see a wing patch, and given that you did see a sapsucker with it one time, sapsucker is a good bet.