Can I pressure can with this antique pressure cooker I inherited?

Asked July 25, 2020, 5:20 PM EDT

I have received a "Steamliner Pressure Saucepan" (I believe it says model C-6) A photo is attached. It does not appear to have a gauge of any sort and no instruction manual that accompanies it. Can I pressure can pint jars of food in this unit? If so, at my elevation (in Missoula, MT, 3200') how long should I do this for? Thanks in advance.

Missoula County Montana

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Thank you for this question and photo! USDA does not recommend canning in pressure cookers as they do not have enough space for at least four quart-size jars, standing upright on the canner rack, with the lid in place. You can find more information at the link below.

With a weighted gauge pressure canner, you would use 15 lbs to process (anything over 1,000 ft) and with dial gauge pressure canners would be 12 lbs of pressure to process (2001-4000 ft). This link has information about safe water bath and pressure canning procedures.

So I wasn't planning on using quart jars since they don't fit in this pot, but rather pint jars. I'm guessing this doesn't change the answer though, right?

That is correct. Recipes are tested with pressure canners that can fit up to a quart-size container, so while pints may fit into the pan, I would not recommend pressure canning with it as this could still change the food safety of the recipe.