Asked July 25, 2020, 2:20 PM EDT

I sent a photo of this bug a few weeks ago, but the person said it wasnt a clear so I wanted to take another one. Please can you tell what bug this is, how to get rid of it and what its attracted to and if it bites. It's really small it was hard to take a pic.. I also saw it on my pillow case and my blanket (I'm kinda scared it will bite me)

Dallas County Texas

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This is a beetle, not a bed bug or biting insect. It could be an accidental visitor from outdoors. If they continue to show up indoors, it is likely a sawtoothed grain beetle, a pest of certain grains and cereals. See this fact sheet for a picture and more information http://agrilife.org/citybugstest/files/2016/07/E486.pdf