what kind of bat did i see

Asked July 24, 2020, 10:43 PM EDT

i live in virginia along the N.Caro;ins state line i recently saw a bat that was redish in color and had light colored wings, almost cream color and much larger than any brown bat that i had seen before...to give you an idea of the color...when i first saw it i thought it was a carnial flying out of the woods...can anyone tell me what kind of bat this was...having no luck finding anything even close to what i saw on the internet...thanks for any help...p.sw..i have a video of it but it will have to be blown up to see any detail...thanks again

Carroll County Virginia

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Hi there! It sounds like what you saw was an eastern red bat. They are a beautiful red-orange color. The males are a bit more red than the females, almost the red of a red fox's fur. The females are paler in color, often more of a light orange color. It could have been a female you saw. Red bats are common in the eastern United States and are often found in forested areas, where they roost, forage for insects, and reproduce.

Here is a picture of a male and female red bat.

I don't think this is what i saw..if you have any way of blowing up a video i would like to send you two that i have...they are short but what flies across in front of me in the video has almost white colored wings...please let me know if you want the videos...thank you. Myles Wrest

Interesting...yes, please send me your pictures. If you could email them to me at titchenell.4@osu.edu, that would be best. Thanks!