Non Toxic Weed Killer

Asked July 24, 2020, 3:55 PM EDT

I own a business with extensive lawn and flower garden areas. My employees object to using roundup or weed b gone type products because of their toxicity. I am looking for a weed killing solution which is not toxic. Can you suggest a solution for this issue?

Antrim County Michigan

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Non chemical techniques for weed control are:

-mowing or frequent cutting, reduces flowering and seed dispersal; eventually starves and kills root.

-smothering with 4-6 layers of non glossy newspaper or a sheet of cardboard, topped with mulch if appearance is important.

-once weed free, keep areas mulched with at least 3 inches deep mulch, or plant densely with groundcovers, creeping evergreens, etc.

- hand digging, hoeing.

- grazing goats

Using chemicals considered less toxic includes:

-corn gluten meal, which has some suppressive effect on seed germination( no action on sprouted weeds)

-20% acetic acid herbicide applied according to label precautions and directions- burns tops down, and must be repeated to starve perennial weed roots. See link below for other organic options

- in turf areas promote a thick turf to shade out weed seed germination by following best practices: , mow no shorter than 3 inches, fertilize 2-4 times per year according to a soil test, provide 1-1.5 inches water per week divided in 3-5 doses, full sun of 6 or more hours per day( otherwise grow a shade tolerant planting such as ground covers).

Even organic herbicides are chemicals, and please follow all precautions and directions on the label of any product you use.


This is a lot of information. If you have questions, please ask!