Christmas Trees: Controlling Dandelions

Asked July 23, 2020, 11:55 PM EDT

What herbicides can be used to control dandelions in summer around Christmas tree seedlings planted in March? If no herbicides can be used now, what would be the soonest an herbicide can be used and what is recommended? Please give me a few options to consider.

Clackamas County Oregon

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I have been away without internet (or phone service) far a bit.
About your question-

The only herbicide that can be sprayed over-the -top of trees now is Stinger (Clopyaid) for control of most dandlion species and thistle.

You can see a longer list of species on my website using the Weed Management Handbook below

2,4D and Garlon/Vaslan are effective on most dandlion species. These sould need to be directed spays (i.e. keeping the spray away from the trees) . Only use the amine formulations and avoid hot days for spraying.
RoundUp is not effective on some species of dandlion, and would need to be kept off the trees, as well.