Asked July 23, 2020, 8:06 PM EDT

While watering this morning I had two small black what I assume are toads trying to escape the water. I’ve never seen them before - I have black mulch - and I can’t find any information online. What have I got here? I assume this is a sign of a healthy garden but is it? They were both in flower beds. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture. Might keep the camera with me when I water tomorrow. Thank you, Wendy Reimers

Wayne County Michigan

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Hello Wendy,

Without a picture it would be just a guess. Perhaps it was an American toad:

You can compare what you saw to the several frogs and toads that are found in Michigan. Here are some resources,4570,7-350-79135_79218_79616_83198---,00.html

Toads and frogs are an important part of the ecosystem, and help to control insect populations. They are good for your garden environment. I occasionally find small ones in my watering can spouts!